music? what music…

well – finishing my basement is hard work to say the least…I did move my drums from the breezeway into the house before the big freeze hit – and they are comfortably in (what I think is) an old well area of the basement…did I mention my house was built circa 50’s? I’ve come to discover there are 2 different wells on opposite sides of my house – both shut off. I believe we live kinda below lake level – because my backyard is mostly beach sand. What you may ask does this have to do with music? Well – I’m getting to that…I have been forcing myself to do this remodeling work for the simple reason I’d rather be working in the studio with the rest of the basement being done. Plus – we are currently heating our house exclusively with a fire burning stove – and I really should get that gas furnace hooked up. I am also doing quite a bit of research on music writing in general more specifically digital music – especially those doing what I want to do and how they are faring – interesting, this.

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