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I have been working on some new songs, and videos, and bits of my kit…and a responsible conscientious blogger would be rattling away and updating you the whole time…I should be – but- alas – I haven’t. Well – it is only because I have started several things and not finished any of them that I am in this predicament. Someone asked me what the most significant thing was I learned from doing the wallops…I replied “volume matters” and by volume I mean quantity, then thought about it and added – and “finish everything”. I never really know if a song I write will be good until it is finished, and I might not be as crazy about a song someone else likes, and not every song is great – but maybe 1 in 10 or whatever. Also – finish your stuff. Too many people get caught up in the exciting starting phase of ideas and noodle away without doing the real work (and sometimes even more difficult work) of hanging in there until it is done. This week I was playing with a free SSL plug in on the drums and wrote this little sketch, mono manno

it is only about 1 minute and a half long…but my label just shrugged when I asked about distribution costs…plenty more should be coming in the next days – stay tuned.

BTW if you want some history on this plug in, as well as the infamous “In The Air Tonight”drum fill… read the Phil Collins article in MIX

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