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tentatively named ‘refresh’ is nearly done. I met with Josh yesterday and he is working our album cover concept out – though we have veered considerably from the original draft, which was inspired by Isaiah, with a mountaintop and a banner…but hey, things change. Josh has a certain X factor for trees and we are going into the trees now, or more specifically, a tree as cover art, but I can tell you this, if Josh is doing a tree drawing, which by itself might sound tame, it will inevitebly be something more than ‘just’ a tree…just sayin. Hotbed (the song) for all practical purposes has hit a stride – though I find it a tough one to finish. This song has a New Orleans vibe – with tuba and about 15 – 20 tracks of drums…and even by my standards it is a bit strange. I am also trying to tweak the storefront (where you all can buy stuff) as I had someone tell me their google check out order was not delivered, so I am as they say ‘busy working on it’. I also recently had some guest musos in Pajamas studio for some work…a good time was had by all.

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