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contrary to what you see here on the site I have been writing quite a bit… it seems I have started so many different things, but not finished nearly as many. As I have mentioned before, the quote from Ecclesiates; “It is better to finish something than to start it” still applies…so, part of the reason is my studios upgrades in the last 2 months…some of my new software upgrades required a new Operating System…but I could not yet let go of my old, because some of my software only works over there… so that meant a new computer (now 2 in studio, not counting laptop and ipad)… It is working ok with 3 screens, one large and 2 standard panel…I also upgraded a couple of programs, and got some very cool hardware as well…all of this translates into learning curves galore! I decided yesterday just to finish one of the many different tunes…a kind of sketch called “everyday”. I was messing with some sounds; Rhodes, big bangin drums, oozing – percolating bass, layers o’ percussions – and here we are…



everyday like the good book say
I wanna get on my knees and pray
kingdom first great joy burst
through all of the work and play
truth say theres just 1 way
its ok its ok

everyday 5x

give me take from me as you will I learn
slowly and stubbornly I learn to yield
with strange hopefulness as from a field
of hard fought battle won the victor chief
turns thankfully although his heart do yearn
so from my old things to the new I turn
with sad thee trusting heart and not in grief
so Lord if you take from me all the rest
to have you Lord is to have your best

the Son rise everyday

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