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some years ago when I lived overseas I was on a long walk…can’t remember right now if it was between 2 cities or just a long distance in one city, but it took a while. Given the tempo of my steps, a chorus kind of naturally broke out “keep on walkin”. I remember thinking at the time it was worth developing…but I pretty much forgot about the concept after that walk. The idea popped up once or twice since then, but I don’t believe I ever wrote it down – and it was again dismissed. Recently the idea resurfaced and this time I acted. Enter steps, percussion, light keyboards, bass, a dash of vocoder and the inimitable Trina B on BG vox and we have a song. The video was a first take of (surprise – surprise) walking. Conceptually it is built around Job (as in though the Lord slay me, yet will I serve Him” Job) with a slightly modern vibe. You can click on the button to stream the audio only, or the video below for the audio/visual effect. If you click in the black frame you get a flash stream – and if you look under that there is a quicktime link for stock (flashless) ipadders.

I wanna
keep on walkin (3x)
don’t know where to go
lost my job
lost my cash
lost my girl well it went so fast
keep on walkin (2x)
lions I’ve seen
lions they come
everybody run but I won’t go gonna
keep on walkin (2x)
well my health left me a long time ago
every day the sheet around me a gown now
keep on walkin (2x)
well I’ve been bleedin up and down the street
got cut like a rat and left on my feet gonna
keep on walkin (4x)
well look around for a little bitty friend
ain’t no messin day to day don’t send gonna
keep on walkin (2x)
well everybodys gone, I’m all alone
feel those chains to dead been sown gonna
keep on walkin (2x)
well the sun comes up, sun goes down
nothin ever changes in this old town gonna
keep on walkin (3x)
gonna bang my gong
gonna be like this
gonna cry my river
gonna need a little kiss gonna
keep on walkin (2x)
well I don’t know if its ever gonna change
but I trust the good Lord to lay His own thing gonna
keep on walkin (2x)
ohhhhh yeahhh
keep on walkin baby
keep on walkin
well I don’t know if it’s ever gonna change
give me tho soul give me tho chains gonna keep on walkin
I ain’t gonna stop now
gonna keep on walkin

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luv it!


Proud to know you! Edgy piece.


Thank you for swingin by and listening! Keep on walkin!


btw – I like this song. 🙂



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