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…as I mentioned in the news and views video this song has been floating around for a while…I’m calling it electro-punk. It has a very in front mix on the drums so watch your volume…the song doesn’t kick in until after the opening title and credit. Wildly panning hihat/effects with crushing drums, spoken word verse minorish chorus, weirdish overtone bass, screaming – and I mean this literally – guitar solo, sweepy synths…you know stufflikethat. After my last songs 4 on the floor kick it was time to messitupalittle so we have a pretty syncopated kick on todays menu. I wasn’t able to shoot the video exactly how I wanted – but I am happy with the final result, it enhances the electro vibe imo. As I rendered this video for publication on the web – I lost some frames in my framerate – so little things like the kick pedal hitting the kickdrum head suddenly disappear half the time. For what its worth – the quicktime video under the main flash video seemed to render better. If you don’t like the song or the video – maybe you’ll dig my pajamas which are featured heavily, black friday specials…rock and electro roll baby.

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im on the right line
ever since im unchained ah
movin through the mysteries of His reign
lookin down from mountaintops
through the clouds and on the fields the raindrops

free to feel the true life
free to be so free from all the low strife
im a fightin prime time
leadin through a groove and a bounce rhyme

im on the right line seekin what is really true
im on the right line hey now maybe how about you

flat line no luck
maybe when your rollin you should learn to tuck
that feel underneath
Hes the one who makes the blind to see

right here right now gonna get your soul into oh wow
bright flame burn hot
shadows bummin out from what they aint got

im on the right line seekin what is really true
im on the right line hey now maybe how about you
chorus out

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You’re black! 😀


Watched it twice. Find it very impressive you can conceive and deliver on this project independently. The lyrics, performing, recording, vid production.
Who said it: Those who are creative must create?
Way to push the envelope.


Seriously though, edgy stuff!


Both the song and video are awesome! Like Lance said, it is pretty blow away that you wear all of these different hats. I also like the inside view of your studio space. 🙂 The camera movements made for some cool action too. I like the direction!


…thanks a bunch – really appreciate the views and feedback…dunno if its a “new direction” as much as “a” direction, working on some kind of laid back stuff at the moment, and don’t know what will hit the site next 😀 thanks again for listening, hopefully it put a smile on your collective faces!

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New Song! hear the drum