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yikes – March 31… times flies when you’re chasing spies…I have been comfortably decoupled from many a distraction in the last month, and would have probably let this post slide into April if I didn’t have a bigger problem with letting the month of March go by without an update. I find the occasional break from web stuff quite cathartic. It was only in passing I noticed the date and had to reach into my vast store of songs under construction to find something I could tweak and publish with minimal effort. Today’s plate features a west bounce cross-stick drum groove. The kick is mixed quite loud – do you know why? Well, yes… correct, because I like the sound of it. Bass has a certain rubber band quality to it… let’s see, melodically fairly straight pad / choral chords. Lyrics are a one off, I mean after all, there is almost always a “better way” wouldn’t you say? Finally, and this might sound weird, but I opted for a hi-hat solo as quasi – bridge. Yes, as in cymbals. It just felt right. There are some issues with the song…but alas – it is March 31st…

better way

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He’s baaaaaack! Hey – I likey! Lyrics?


DC innnn daaaa house! gracias amigo – lyrics? oh yeah – lots of em.




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New Song! hear the drum