new song > cold cold girl

I was messing with filters and bass synths the other day – and I got this kind of jelly squirting out of the speaker bass effect. Add a slow drum groove at about 65 beats a minute and a vocoder – plus ruminations of a very iffy girl and voila…

. FYI this isn’t the song I am collaborating on, or the 15 I sent to my licensing co last week – just a little shiny something I chased into the underbrush and decided to publish – it has some hair.

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Has a NINish quality. Thumbs up!

Mark D.

I like it.


thanks!! hey mark – as a bassist yourself glad you can appreciate the almost singular feature of this track…. 🙂


Immense! Had to wipe the bass juice off of my floor.



lol – hopefully it wasn’t too messy

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New Song! hear the drum