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actually it’s not a song…it’s a piece. A piece of what, you might ask? It is a piece of the jungle…162 beats a minute. We could say it is a kind of jungle music – there certainly isn’t any proper singing in this one. Originally I was going to call it jungle amp because I was drinking a Mountain Dew Amp when the inspiration hit, then it went to jungle boogie – and, well, here we are. This was – admittedly a strange day musically. I was working on one hand on the fastest song I have done to date – “don’t feed the drummer”- @ 162 beats a minute. I was also getting ready for next Wednesdays Wallop – which turned out being a reggae / dub groove clocking in at 60 beats a minute, yes – my slowest song to date…what?…then I was working on another song with Rick – which was an acoustic strumming number – featuring his spectacular voice and songwriting skills… you get the idea.

Anyway, back to todays WW – dftd has a lot of strange effects, from its gigantic winged intro – landing, to the last severed wire, blips, screeches, frantic, and I do mean frantic drums, djembe solo, zweeps, Über panning – throughout the whole piece, backwards masking, polyrhythms a feedback crescendo that would make Angus Young blush…it is probably more an attitude than a song per se.. Fasten your seat belt. Step right up – one at a time – no pushing please…

don’t feed the drummer

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Marty MacKeever

As a connoisseur of industrial music such as NIN and Rob Zombie, I must say that this masterwork pulled my heartstrings and led me to weep ! Great Stuff David ! Make a CD and I will buy it !

Marty MacKeever “Ronnie Milsap Group” Nashville, TN


Ai mate! Well if I can get a muso like yourself diggin my tunes the world is indeed a brighter place! CD is a- comin. Thanks Marty!

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New Song! hear the drum