new song > dont go in the basement

this song might sound like some kind of B grade slasher movie on first blush, but I would like to think there is something more in it for those of discerning taste…it is actually less about a basement, say mine (where by the way my studio is located)…and more metaphorically that place where you and I know we should not go, the place where our shadow will find us…that place where our true self is replaced by an imposter. I got the idea from this chapter in Phantastes. This song features ample vocoder, synths, strings, electric bass guitar, reverse effects, saloon piano, my banging Ludwig drums mixed in front and a surprise or two. Enjoy.

dont go in the basement

dont go in the basement
scary place down there
they’ll find your replacement
and they won’t even care

look at that toothless smile
wishing you great harm
serpentine beguiling
bustin out his black charms

dont go in the basement
creatures of the night
lost souls in the casement
angels watch you right

play the drums

dont go in the basement
dont go twisted out
gently here reminded now
dont go feed the doubt

testing your resistance
try the holy call
souls sold for a pittance now
all the while He saw

na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na (2x)

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cheers 🙂


Aaaaaand the carsy song?


…on the way… 🙂


Very very cool! Drums banging big time! I also like the vocoder effects.

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New Song! hear the drum