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this song started out with an experimental drum sound I’ve been chasing – then with the ring of the snare being more or less in the key of the song, the decision was made to emphasize that, and save the other sound for another day… there was a total 4 mics on the snare (top, bottom, off center – floor, room), and to me it sits good in the mix…as the lyrics were worked out I found myself enjoying the harmonizing…I might have gotten carried away – but it was fun to do. There was also something I am calling subtractive drumming…there is probably a proper musical name for it – but it is essentially doing less rather than more…instead of a fill pause – instead of a build, silence. I also really fought the desire to play anything other than straight 2 and 4 on the drums…it was hard to do. This might be a subliminal revolt against hotbeds extravagance – dunno… There is a total of 1 cymbal crash on this song, and I believe 1 kick drum fill (gasp) – the bridge introduces a rather hyper panned drum fill – which you can decide if it balances the rest nicely…you can decide that right? 🙂 I’m not going to get a lot into the rest of the song – if you read around my blog you should have a good idea about what “dust and divine” is getting at…and the music on this is very straightforward too… anyway – this is dust and divine, you can stream it here

dust and divine

well the night has fallen
and I hear you callin
you seem so far away

and I know there’s more
through that open door
I feel it that’s the way

but this bloody city
it has no pity
it has no hopeful rays

yet I will stand and rise
take off the disguise
between the Holy and profane

dust and divine
what’s yours what’s mine
dust and divine

well I turn my back
and the odds are stacked
against the only one who cares

am I the only one
with all this filth and scum
am I the only one who dares

those who lead like wolves
destroying souls
seeking dishonest gain

so the wrath and fire
prepared draws nigher
who can bear the pain
bear the pain

dust and divine
what’s yours what’s mine
dust and divine



it’s going to be allright (2X)

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very beautiful song – what a title and lyric…wow, nice job on the harmonies too! Is that all you?


fat drums. fat. snare sings.fat singing snare.fat bass. heftig zeg ik.


Thanks – not all me – but almost all….heftig? Isn’t that Dutch?

jason v

I love this song, reminds me of GFB, keep them coming!





heftig = heavy

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