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this song is a pretty upbeat little number. May it put a smile on your face. I had the good pleasure of collaborating with Matt Leonetti, and he laid down the Hammond (much appreciated)… I have a confession to make. I don’t know what I am doing. There. I said it. I don’t know chords, I don’t know music theory, it takes me a long time to make the one man band stuff sound like a group. In a way it is strange – because I think one of the strongest “urges” or “├»mpulses” I have is to write songs. I have many, many songs, and that is one of the reasons I want to try to write a song a week for a year…to see what comes out. BTW, if you did not know it – that is the musical P.A.W. (piece a week) initiative. I am still looking for something catchy in the name, if you have something please let me know. this song officially marks number 5…how many weeks to go? 47? Here is glorious day, if you want to listen to it

i look out my window on this minnesota morning
i see that old sun rise and shine

white snow seems a blanket
on this sleeping earth i take its
going to be a day of livin so divine

its a glorious day
its a glorious day now yeah
its a glorious day

as i’m walking down the street
the evergreens they wave at me
the blue sky smiles and a jay bird sings a song of praise

i got hopes and i got dreams
difficulties but it seems
the good Lord never ceases to amaze

its a glorious day
its a glorious day now yeah
its a glorious day

i just want to praise you Lord,
i’m fearfully and wonderfully made
my soul does know this well

i just ask you search me out
try me know my thoughts
and wheres theres wickedness
my Lord let your Spirit quell

its a glorious day
its a glorious day now yeah
its a glorious day


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Hey man – just wanted to let you know I definitely dug on your latest song…seriously…not only did I dig it but i thought it was an artistic success – the two I think are not directly connected. Why I liked it: Uplifting and breezy – a rhythm I could work to. I just liked the overall feel of the song
Why I think it is artistically successful: I felt that there was continuity between the ‘sound’ of the song, it’s pacing, the vocals, and the content. It didnt seem to me as if these four factors stood alone…they all worked together – which i think is a staple for artistic success. Often times i will hear music or see a drawing or a movie and will observe that all the factors involved, while good in and of themselves, will simply stand alone…I have also seen them clash – which is a sure sign of failure…but then, sometimes – you see them all work together. I think in this case they all worked together. Really nice job.Once again – i dug the song.

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