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this was a dub / reggae tune I finished on the Friday we left for Texas. Sometimes I find it a little bit manic / frantic getting a song ready a week ahead of time. The song itself, conceptually, was written years ago while I lived in Holland. I was working as a cleaner in a gigantic chemical company… and I had a notebook that I carried with me to learn the Dutch language…this was actually one of the main ways I learned Dutch at the time. I remember one time hauling this gigantic hose with boiling water to a room to clean and I saw a large skull and crossbones with the word “gevaarlijk” , dang I thought, that must be a serious something of a word. I asked later what the word meant – and learned it meant dangerous – as I was in a main electrical area. Looking back on it mixing huge quantities of water and electricity probably would qualify for dangerous. Anyway – along with the language this work allowed me untold hours of autopilot work where I could rehearse and write songs (in my head) and that I did. Home on the other side was one of these. I couldn’t find the original lyrics… but I remember something with “salvation stereo”…oh well, that was then. I had the pleasure of Rick joining me for some guitar work…thanks Rick! I took a stab at a piano solo – one take – and though “why not” so it stayed. I also had to have some help tweaking the song after I hit the road – thanks Matt for your help! I am still in Texas as I post this – we are planning on going to Mexico tomorrow – but in order to keep the Weekly Wallop intact – one must do what one must do.

Home on the other side

I got a home on the other side
I got a home on the other side, yeah

Lord in the land of things appearances that swell and seem,
Help me to walk by the other light supreme.
Seeing invisible wings in thick veils and coverings,
Show me your facts behind mans vaguest dream.

I got a home on the other side
I got a home on the other side, yeah

Death haunts our souls with strife,
The harp of faith is the sound of life,
Fretted strings that slacken still and into the unknown.
Oh God you do lift me as I rise
Your blood dripped and flowed,
I can enter where the spirit wind has blown.

I got a home on the other side
I got a home on the other side, yeahhh

instrumental out

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very very cool chillin vibe!

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