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sooo just so you know I am not a real “blazing” drum solo kind of guy… my favorite drum solos are the ones where there is a band playing – or there are “exchanges” of jams between musicians… I have seen countless drum solos – and many are amazing feats of human dexterity – but they eventually leave me kind of cold – same with the guitar, piano, horn solos ad nauseum … it eventually feels like a typewriter thing. Now, before you get your guns out, I would heartily agree there are many and musical / lyrical solos that bear repeated listening and study. It just seems to me that if solo-ING is your thing, it tends to become acrobatic. Funny thing is, I like songs, words, grooves and melodic hooks. And even though I know what I like – I still don’t always hit the target. It is just what I like. I like spicy food. I like water with lemon or ginger. I like strong beer. I like bacon. Taste buds. So what does that have to do with today’s song? Not a heck of a lot except it is a kind of drum “jam”. The main lyrical underpinning (chorus) actually holds the rhythm down while the bass, with a busted string :-), and the drums kinda improvise “up and down” and all over. Not all songs are autobiographical – but hey – I do go up and I go down – don’t you? This song (sketch really) is kinda punky / ploddy, I left it with errors in the lyric, occasional distortion and a scream of desperation. In the giant seas of musical effort – with the battleships and aircraft carriers of the megapopstars vying for attention – this is a small paper boat floating down a tiny backstream of life. Peace.

i go up i go down


there once was a time in a land far away

where i tried and i tried so hard every day

just to get myself through this little thing they call life

i was wrestlin with blood and sweat and with strife


i go up i go down


well the truth of the matter is easy to see

when you flail and you fail and your beaten like me

this world will curb stomp you tell you to sit

don’t matter how many times they tell you rise don’t quit


i go up i go down

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I believe Don said something like: kick em when they’re up kick em when their down, an inspiration maybe?


ahhh ha ha not originally, it was the keys that forced the lyrical idea in this case, but who knows probably on some subliminal level… after all – according to some there is nothing new under the sun….

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