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The definition for squank is (as defined by the urban dictionary);

1.(n.)An unseen energy or force said to be the basis of all music creativity. From pre-macedonian lore related to those that are deeply driven by musical ambition.


It must be the squank that drives those musicians to play with so much heart and passion.

personally I believe that any time anything good is created, it comes from the creative core (God Himself)…but if you have read this blog for any length of time you know who that would be, and how I see this. It is an old story of musicians creating music and taking the praise onto themselves…as if they have the ability to create a single thing without God giving them what they have. I think deep down most musicians know this, and that is hard to ignore, especially when one tries to deny the existence of God from the get go. However, anything that falls short must needs be taken on my own back as my own imperfections…right? I mean after all – music is moving air, and there are a lot of ways to do that… :-)… I named this piece squank – because it feels squanky, it has undertones of squank – a certain squankish flavor if you will.
This song is a bit frantic, and the sounds seem to me appropriate for the week, air raid sirens, technology amock, backward masking, scream of rage, a synthesized voice with the only lyrics…”drum”, “the drumbeat goers like this”, and “funky drummer”.. There is in my life currently a concern for an acquaintance possibly using drugs (a complete surprise to me), a grandfather dying, haste in overseas plans and preparation, and a seeming deluge of other distractions, and so these sounds come into my mind. this is less a song and more a mood. It is definitely a departure, but I did enjoy it, and may visit the land of some of these genres more. I haven’t really ever been a big euro / techie guy – but there is a vibe to explored in some of this. Probably not many will like this…is it good? For me to say something is good means it is what I meant it to be. After that too many variables come into play – and I would rather not go there. Without further ado – I present to you


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