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this one was partially inspired by something I read in Chambers Christian Disciplines, as well as Galatians 6:5 “For every man shall bear his own burden”. Basically the 2 main points on this are that a) most battles / demons are fought alone when nobody is looking and b) we will ultimately be alone before God one day in judgement to give an account of our lives. Of course we are not “completely” alone as Christians in Christ, of course we have fellowship in the church, with friends, with family. We all will, however have our moments of being alone, and this is where our faith is really tested. This song slinks along with a straight drum groove, fuzzy slap bass, fizzy keys, a dash of guitar.

down to gehenna or up to the throne
he travels fastest who travels alone…

we cannot kindle when we will
the spirit bloweth and is still
the fire which in our heart our resides
in mystery our soul abides

ha yeah yeah


with aching hands and bleeding feet
we bear the burden and the heat
digging deep lay stone on stone
all the long day and wish it were done

ha yeah yeah


gonna travel alone long long lonely road…

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Cool, it has a Mark Sandman, Morphine kind of vibe, I dig it.


thanks a lot for feeding back – I sent this one to a few “insiders” and heard nary a word in return – which leads me to think it was beyond dignifying with a response…but I’ve come to realize its just buds baby – just them taste buds a tastin away 🙂


Dave love the Ha Yeah Yeahs and the second verse voice doubling. You have a nice range there for being a non singer. Same thing with Im On My Way. It is a range with some promise IMO.


thanks – a music friend said something like this about IOMW…and I thought he was pulling my leg…but hey – if you likey – I am allrighty with that!

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