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corrupt politicians doing their jobs

corrupt politicians doing their jobs

OK – this took a little longer than planned for a couple of reasons…one was the unstable and crash prone mac book I was editing the video on…seriously – this thing lost hours of edits for no apparent reason – one of the least pleasant editing jobs I’ve done. Also I have been busy with several projects helping other folks with their music, and studio installation, and well, so many hours in the day you know? I wrote this song, hanging it on a fairly straightforward blues bed progression. Originally I wanted to shoot everything from one angle – but I couldn’t figure out how to get the drums by my audio workstation flatscreen…sooo…yeah. Anyway this is written as a response to the greed and crooked politicians we have on all sides of the party fence. Democrats, Republicans, Independents…it seems the only thing you need is the job – and most respond in the appropriately greedy self serving fashion. Throw Them All Out was a book recently written that covers some of the more disgusting aspects of the insider trading scam…and that’s just one of many money grabbing schemes our electeds are wallowing in. So – I include the song, the lyrics, and both QuickTime and Flash video for your listening / viewing pleasure. The small button with the circle streams the song, the video stream is available by pressing the arrow in the black box, and Quicktime is below that. Maybe this song will strike a chord in you…are you feelin those corrupt politician blues baaaaaaybay?

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Corrupt Politician Blues

I’ve got those corrupt politician blues now baby

Ahhhh they’re comin down comin down comin down on me yeah

Those corrupt politicians man – everywhere I look I see em

Ohhh and those corrupt politicians now

They’re taking my money and my freedom and my time and they

Waste it all all over the place and nobody knows what they’re doin with it now momma

And it’s just a big fat disgrace

Ohhhhhh yeah yeah yeah

What we’re gonna do – thinkin we’re gonna have to change it around

On the top now momma yeah yeah yeah we’ll have to change it around on top now

Let’s play the guitar a little bit here

>>>guitar solo<<<< Wellllllllll now baby - I got those corrupt politician blues now And it's breakin my heart now baby and I don't know what to do but I Got an idea and i'm thinkin maybe We can all go out and have ourselves a vote Get rid of Harry Reid and Nany Pelosi and Corzine and the guys in the Court Maybe we'll just hand the man on the top a big fat "L" I think you know who I'm talkin about his names Obama - ahhh what the heck you know Waaaaahhhhhhhh ohhh now now now we're gonna have to change it we're gonna have to do ohhh somethin else up on top oh move it around around we call it the politician blues now yeah yeah yeah do you wanna join me yeah yeah

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Dude – there is a market for this! Hearing 3 parts after the solo! Nice.


Lets record together! Good song.


thanks for listening – I’m always open for collaboration –



Wow – up close and personal! I love the talk through stuff, big lol…


AWESOME! I really am enjoying how you are doing your music / video productions.

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