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This song came about some time back – and even though I had the melody and chorus straightaway, the words took longer than usual. The video was shot in the spring of this year with Kenneth (Billy), Lisa (Temptress) and my dog Jeb…Kaylee my daughter helped with the make-up (a smashing job there too I might add). There was a lot of great footage that never made it to the video, Kenneth and Lisa were superb. It was my first time working with legit acting pros, and they were amazing – and on that note – thank you so much for your efforts Kenneth and Lisa I hope you are happy with the end result!

This is a song about vicious circles… with a lot of strange electric and natural effects, edgy & primitive drums, wah wah, hypnotic bass and my first ever full vibrato (which happened by accident on the outro)…you’ll hear it as the last thing sung – and I have no idea how I did it. On another note I have had several licensing syncs take place with other music in the first quarter of this year on National Geographic, The Fashion Network, Spike and VH1. Good stuff. I have included different options on downloading below, along with that is the usual video stream in flash. First up audio only stream

and the video;

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devils carousel
lookin at billy and the bugs hes keepin
black oily night and he wakes up screamin
billy says lately he feels hes fallin
its hard to hold on when the carrion birds callin

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la….on the devils carousel now…

billy says lately the wind aint blowin
the sun aint shinin and the water aint flowin
where you gonna go and what you gonna do
well he’ll keep sinkin if he wont be true

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la….on the devils carousel now…

well now billys in for one hell of a ride
he got nothin left but his pride
but he knows easy
between the holy and the sleazy
but billy keeps diggin and drinkin and dyin
one fine day I hope and pray he will know
the grace of the Lord and the love He shows
cus if he keeps runnin and the Holy Spirit shunnin
he’ll find himself inside the hell he tries to hide from

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la….on the devils carousel now…
billy want you free ohhh

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large video download 1280 X 720 – 330 megs mov

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Nice! Finally! I was beginning to wonder if you made the whole thing up!


Very cool song and video. The ending is creepy. Kind of a Blair Witch vibe.


re DC; yeah I had a lot of folks asking what was up….but technically, as a product of the imagination (music and video) it’s made up…right?

re b_ cheers – she is convincing….creeps some folks out actually


Wow! Compelling video and song, the lyrics really bring the whole thing together. Good job!


thanks – I appreciate your listening and watching, the lyrics were slower coming this time but I felt it worked

Joshua paciorek

really digging on the video brother! Tis been a long time coming. You got some nice shots in there and I like the concept. Also – great casting. A little bit of a creepy video I must admit…but nice shots. Also – the song is legit. I thought the sound and tone of the song fit well with the imagery. Dig it.


hey josh!
cheers for stoppin by and giving your view – mucho appreciato!
yeah – it took ages – but like anything the inspiration and delivery were the easiest…the
in-between connecting of the proverbial muses dots were a real load ‘o sweat ifyouknowhatimean…
thanks again bro.

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