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OK so this song is a laugh about our modern emphasis on virtual relationships… don’t get me wrong – I like virtual technology, it is just strange to see so many people standing next to people in real life – but staring into their phones, oblivious to their surroundings. I have seen families of 4 at dinner tables in restuarants with each person staring into their phone…it’s ridiculous. The “Facebook Kid” is the one that is probably a little carried away with the virtual if you know what I mean. The Facebook max for friends is 5000, but I doubt I have 5 friends I could really rely on in the absolute worst of times… just sayin. I got the idea for this song while floating on a boat completely offline in every way shape and form. I did the one man band thing – and thought a video would be good to shoot as well. Green screens are fun because you can put whatever you want in the background – and I did. I shot the video in my dining room and driveway in direct sun – so it has some nice detail.facebook kid (audio only)

I’m the facebook kid, I feel fine

I got 5000 friends up to minute timeline

My cat just went viral I’m social dude

Got myself emojis no matter what the mood

I’m the facebook kid

I’m the facebook kid can you relate, all these ladies and I can’t get a date

24/7 I’m found online, the thumbs up baby its my bread its my wine

Here’s my latest selfie, my latte art, my over filtered sunset – yeah that’s just a start

Cause what’s really screaming, I’m sure you’ll agree – is arguing politics we watch on TV

I’m the facebook kid

la la la la la la la 





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lol! you should check out Brad Paisley Online!!


Very cool work. The visuals support the song nicely. I am curious how you did the green screen, I want to do a music video like this. Maybe we can collaborate? Hard to believe you did this in your house, it looks like a small working area.


Thanks man – green screen is simple – get seamless paper or muslin that is Chromakey-green

key out green in favorite video editor – I use Vegas / i-Movie and After Effects…
add video and photo to hearts content… the head & shoulder shot in the video in my leather jacket was literally shot in my drive-way in direct sunlight… just make sure you don’t have shadows on the background – and try to keep light even.


You did a great job! First of all, the song itself is clever and artful. In my humble opinion, very “saleable.” It has some pop in it, some grunge, and the lyrics are full of tongue-in-cheek humor. I’m not on Facebook, but I get your song nevertheless.

Your audio mixing is excellent. Very nicely balanced. No distortion except when you want it for the guitar.

The video is impressive, considering the fact that you’re basically a one-man show. I thought that I wouldn’t like your position outside in the sun, but actually it turned out just fine. The fact that the video keying is not perfect very much reminds me of videos from the mid-80’s. A bit retro. It works with the theme of the song. I can’t imagine how you made/assembled all the background footage. That itself must have been a monumental project.

You’re off to an amazing start. Keep me posted about upcoming projects.



OK – that is the most detailed feedback I have ever gotten on a song / video. Thanks a lot! I appreciate your view especially as you are a pro yourself. It means a lot to me that you put so much into the critique! I will definitely keep you updated Jim.


Pretty cool dude, totally self produced?

binko approves————————

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