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As I had mentioned there has been a slight juggling around behind the scenes of several songs, for several reasons…not least of which is my habit of being distracted by the new and shiny. This song I decided to go at finally to finish, mainly because winter is about over – and it is for me a wintery song…or an attempt at one at least. The synth bit feels like sweeping cold wintery wind – but I won’t explain too much… I told a guy overseas once (at a recording studio) how a sound reminded me of sunrise and the beams reaching across the wide earths expanse – and he laughed in my face having literally no idea what I was talking about. I have since learned to keep these ideas mostly to myself. Anyway – I almost didn’t put this one up – I overreached a bit vocally (and that is saying a lot from a non-singer)…the drums stumble along feeling like they might fail any moment…I was hoping to meld some Macdonaldisms and my own words into a poetry thing, I added some phone photos for added winter vibe. So without further ado

a morning clear with frosty light
from sunbeams late and low
the shine upon the snow so white
and shine back from the snow

from icy spears a drop will run
not fall in the afternoon
it shines a diamond from the sun
an opel from the moon

when the evening comes
and the day is done
we will light the fire
we will laugh and sing
praises to our King
Holy Ghost inspired

and when the bright sad sun is low
behind the mountain dome
a twilight wind will come and blow
all around the childrens home

and waft about the powdery snow
as night dim footsteps pass
but waiting in its grave below
green lies the summer grass


and the keen cold air
sparkles there
glitter of the snow

winter day
to night gives way
joyously we grow

as we pray for love
as we pray for rain
winter of our poverty
winter of the good Lords reign


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