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…the last weeks I am working on a pretty heavy blues rock number…loud…in yo face…so much fun to sing in my car I haven’t laid the vocals – plus I dont have the lyrics, plus I’m not really a guitar player and bass player – but the 1 man band thing beckons!!!!!……coming soon God willing! Anyway, I saw this circuity thingy on the pathway as I tweaked a snare drum…and chased, coddled and published…it was by some evergreen trees espousing the theory of electricity, gas and fluids…and I asked about the spirit? May you smile.

1. an act or instance of going or moving around.
2. a circular journey or one beginning and ending at the same place; a round.

we were never sure how long it would take but
we were sure that the circuit would break

we were never sure how long it would take but
we knew that the circuit would break

chikatabong bong band de bang ….

we were never sure just how long it would take but
one day that serpent would break…ah yeah…

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Really nice groove and vibe. I like the open spaces on this one!


Great man, vocoder rocks!



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