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“lookit that”, so yeah – this was actually before “oh my my” (posted some hours ago) by some hours, but I’ve made an executive decision to post more rather than hoard. To share is good – right? So I am sharing. I mean, if you think about it, in the grand scheme of things, throughout the history of music, starting with the first percussive note banged out by human kind, using music to celebrate the discovery of fire… well they had to discover fire – then discover a party or worship – or both, which required music, which also needed to be discovered…. I think that was the order…anyway – if you trace all of the people involved in this dance of life contributing music that is soon forgotten – the tune you now listen to might be one such number. You might think of it as an audio form of a gummy bear. It isn’t even 2 minutes long. But you know what? I hope you simply enjoy it. Roll it around in your cranium. Maybe it will inspire you to go write something…or just smile. And you know what? If you smile – that is good enough for me.

lookit that

lookit that lookit that soul
oh yeah baby catching everything like a bowl
oh yeah baby trying just to fill the hole
oh yeah baby

lookit that lookit that swing
oh yeah gonna get it goin on that thing
oh yeah gonna shake off all the fools with a fling
oh yeah baby

lookit that lookit that girl
oh yeah gonna watch those wings unfurl
oh yeah gonna ride like a tilt a whirl
oh yeah baby

lookit that lookit that chance
oh yeah gonna grab it and have a little dance
oh yeah gonna make like a deer and prance
oh yeah baby

lookit that lookit that grip
oh yeah gonna never ever ever gonna slip
oh yeah gonna have to leave a big fat tip
oh yeah baby

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lookit that = 🙂


2X 😀


I’m in! 🙂


welllll then 🙂 it is

thanks for listenin!

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