new video and music bit – vox luma

this music was laying around in a folder and reared its head while I was working on something else (so what else is new). I really wanted to finish it, and decided to go ahead and assemble a little video. Vocoders, edgy drums, arpeggiated synths and even a djembe solo on the outro…funny side story on the edit; I was mixing down the djembe and had a guitar fuzz effect on it – literally screaming, but backed off and decided on a “supermarket speaker” reverb… a little more lo-fi. If I use that fuzz later I’ll explain more, it will be cool in the right setting. Anyway, the vocals are run through a vocoder, and I wanted to see if I could do a rappish, scat thing but keep the musical key through the vocoder…I think it is ok. I like the burnt glow video thing – and am hoping to tweak it some more on other stuff. The video is about 1 1/2 minutes…I have also posted a “mov” file for those of you using a stock i-pad (flashless) – but I will tell you this, the .mov is about 50 megs, and the flash 17 megs…ummm – not complicated math there. So anyway – enjoy ok?

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WHAT is in your water? :-), dig it!


hydrogen and oxygen…? is this a trick question…

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