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I asked my label about doing some interpretive videos – and they said, and I quote, “we don’t have the money”. Remaining undaunted I spoke to Kaylee, (my daughter) about shooting some footage I might be able to use. She was open – but since we don’t have a proper video recorder – we had to use our canon powershot, which is actually a still camera with video options, and that means that we lose some detail in the process. Great, now we need a location “how about b-works” someone suggested…well – b-works is my trusty basement studio / lab, and well, that was as good of an idea as any. So my friends – here you have down to my knees which was an October release in my wallop series. I have included the lyrics here, since I never did on the original release. This is the first of what I hope will be many new videos to come…the lyrics are below the video, just click the arrow and stream.

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down to my knees

bright shining love like the stars above me
yeah this I know is true
deep waves of power over me tower over me
whats a man – whats a man to do
birds taking flight beasts run with might
wonders they abound so and as I kneel
and as I fall I’m struck to feel
Im struck to feel my king so profound

you bring me down to my knees
na na na na na na na na…

and all this world man woman pushin shovin
provin now baby now what they gonna do
and as I look and as I run and as I look and find
now more more more what you going through

well breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe the pain
oh no more more what you gotta do
and I live and I live oh deep inside
I open my eyes and bring heal

you bring me down to my knees
na na na na na na na na…


as I’m going down I’m going to praise you
as I’m going down I’m going to praise you
when I’m going down I’m going to praise you
I lift off my crown – God I want to thank you.

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Interesting stuff, Dave! We liked it and look forward to seeing more.


Hey April!
thanks for having a look and giving a view….I am glad you liked it – it was a lot of fun to make. Future jobs will depend on Kaylees rate :-), you know, the first one is always free.




allrighty then


Love being able to snoop around your “lab”. AKG 414?


yep that is the one

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