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I have a confession to make. I am easily distracted. My daughter calls it the “squirrel” syndrome. She got the idea from the movie up. Note – mediaplayer is in playlist mode – so please close after video… Truth is I am barraged by fascinating and beautiful sensory input. That would be from this thing called life. A friend of mine jokes about it being from my eye catching shiny things. Anyway, from a creative standpoint it can create moving hurdles, as ideas come and go, move in and out of the minds periphery in varying degrees of fascination. Someone pretending to understand might try to enclose this in the coffin of a name like ADD or something (which I would happily refute should anyone care to do so). As a matter of fact this creative life is mysterious and wonderful, it is deep and wide with possibilities, it is broad and long in travel time – with no apparent end in existence, unless imposed by the creator. I hesitate to use creator for people – as in truth we are more akin to finders (more on that later and elsewhere). Anyhow – I planned on doing a quick something yesterday – stumbled onto a vintage sounding something else completely that inspired me to write something Car-esque. You know Ocasek and Co? Anyway – it could be frustrating if I wanted to deliver any of a number of other things already in the works…or I could just share what I did – and a lyric idea I wrote on my way to the drum lesson I was giving. I know many folks won’t be able to get anything whatsoever from this scribbling – but it will all make sense when I put the song out OK? Besides – I like the colors… The imagination is an amazing gift isn’t it? SQUIRREL!

(oh – and by the way – any time any one of us “makes an image” in our mind we are using our imagination – let’s be careful about that sacred endeavor ok?)

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JM Didier

Hi David- Our paths have crossed at some point in time, and I found your blog through a linkedin connection… I have been writing a blog for almost a year now and really like the way you have your site layed out. I too am powered my WordPress, but obviously, I have a lot to learn about updating the ‘canned themes’ that they have there. I am learning a lot from your site and others like it. From the looks at your ‘archives’. you have been at this blogging thing a LONG TIME!! Thanks for the posts.
check out my splash page for links to my music related activities. as well as my WORDPRESS blog site!
Enjoy reading your postings, brother!

JM Didier


Hey John – thank you for your kind words! Yes, I have been at it a while – but I feel as though I am just scratching the surface. My site is actually based off of a fairly “stock” wordpress template. I changed the banner, and have a few plug-ins but all in all it is pretty straightforward. I saw your site and enjoyed your words on the psalmist! 🙂 If you have any questions on my layout or plug-ins – just ask – I’m happy to help! Have a great day – and stay strong for the Lord!


I know all about the SQUIRREL syndrome. I make greeting cards for a hobby between work and sleep. There is never enough time in a day to do it all, LOL. But I have Squirreled my way past some birthdays of my children good thing they are young adults and are very busy to deal with the issue of it being late or missed all together. They did get verbal birthday greetings, but not the handmade stuff. So when I see something that inspires me or attracts my attention I get Squirreled…LOL As my husband said the phrase must come from the movie UP! so I searched and look where I ended up…Now to go back to what I was originally doing…Have a great day.


Hey Carol –
thanks for the thoughts & visit….I will stand by the idea that as a creative you are easily fascinated by stuff…not necessarily a bad thing.
Take care and good luck with your greeting cards!

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