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is nearly done – having a ball with layering vox…I am pretty sure some will say it is a bit effect heavy – but hey – spice is the variety of life right? For those of you not liking to take risks or adventure in to new lands of sonic landscapes – just remember – when radio and vinyl records first came out there was a lot of resistance because it was assumed nobody should listen to music unless it is live – and here we are a coupla years later and we have gigs of concerts in our pods and mp3 players – we have streaming audio and video over the net – we have online cross-city and country collaboration…woot say – woot! Embrace the digital revolution my friends. Can you say embrace? I knew you could. Wait you say – what does a digital revolution have to do with new sounds and a potential effects heavy mix? Ummm I dunno actually…just pontificating.

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musician, videographer, new media specialist, producer, imaginator

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