panorama snowfall

We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday, and I thought it would be fun to try out an autostitch feature on my camera. Here are some of the results. Click on the image for a larger rendition. Once you want to close the big image – just press ‘backspace’ to return to the website. I am thinking of using one of these to replace the summer clouds banner currently on top of my site…any votes?





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Donna Elftmann

I like the evergreen trees. The other photos left me feeling desolate. This stretch feature is on your camera or something you did in Photo Shop?


thanks for looking – I do think there is something inspiring in the desolation of winter – but maybe that is just me…:-)
the software is available here for free and it is very easy to use – try it!

Mark Deisinger

I’m also a fan of the evergreen trees. I think that one has the best composition. Of the others, I’d choose jpark2.

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