playin da pans for tha Lord>>Psalm 118:24

Don’t ask me to play your cocktail hour… πŸ™‚ I got my hands on a steel drum (soprano) for a first (thanks mom!)…. and wrote this basic melody pretty much 15 seconds out of the box….what I have here is with and without vocals……steel drums – they bring one straight to the island don’t they? Honestly – they are a bit hard to record – so hopefully my technique there will improve as time goes on. If you want the vocals they are below the music player links. And as always – click the arrow to stream – and download to download.

play da pans mahn

play da pans mahn

with vocals

without vocals

psalm 118:24
oh Lord i want to thank you for this day
Your love endures forever
i want to lift my voice unto you and praise
share joy together

this is the day the Lord made (2x)

oh Lord sometimes i get so tired and i
i lose my way from the folks out there and
i hear some folks they do conspire
but with You i know im ok

well when im down i know you lift me up
give me hope and make me feel better
oh Lord i know you’ll never let go no –
and so i’ll praise your name forever

this is the day the Lord made (2x)

i will rejoice…i will be glad

im not gonna be afraid

im not gonna be sad

im gonna lift up my hope

im gonna lift up my prayer

im gonna kneel down before the throne of my Lord

i got myself a brand new start (3x)


this is the day the Lord made (out)

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