Preparing for Ezekiel

I am getting ready to study Ezekiel, and decided to get some preparatory insight. I opted for the Ray Stedman audio stream, “Wheels, Bones and Restoration”, which is found here. Once you click there you will need to scroll down to find the above titled stream. I highly recommend this preface to anyone wanting to have a nice primer to Ezekiel. I also would like to suggest the Blue Letter Bible (which I have done previously), as a great online resource for bible study. It is a light weight and powerful tool, linking Hebrew and Greek, commentaries, study guides and a host of other resources on the wonderful www.

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Thomas Langdon

I also am a fan of the BLB. Nice little pc. you may enjoy this web-sight lots and lots of resources.This the first article I have read of yours ,but I will be placing you on my favorites list and check back from time to time,His Richest Blessings are yours… grace and peace ,tom


Hi Thomas –
Thanks for stopping buy – and also for the hot tip. biblos looks great – I plan on digging in there in the near future.

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