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it can be a sticky one – when to keep ones stuff to oneself. I have just been listening to a release I did some years ago – made like 5 mix tapes for friends, and moved on. I gave one to Chris from Warner Bros. – asked him what he thought, and he said “interesting”. Nice neutral response eh? I don’t know that it bears being released – I already redid one song ( this strong heart) originally called my heart is beatin. There might be a few bits to either release as is – redo – or even embellish using my current rig. I originally did this on a Tascam TSR-8 1/2 inch tape deck – and wow – what a difference in the tools we have available today. Anyway – one thing I want to do is work on releasing some CDs – and getting my marketing arm up to snuff – but this will take time. I don’t want to suspend my Wednesday Wallop – so I may do something with this…we’ll see…in the meantime – here is the cover (if you look closely you will find yours truly) and track listing;
randall_cover l
1) Stranded at the pop
2) Love love love love love ya
3) Trouble
4) AIG
5) I don’t understand
6) Ruby shake shake
7) Up
8) Someone
9) Dancin on the moon
10) A whisper separates
11) Physio – psycho
12) Sea of doubt
13) Your eyes
14) Im a millionaire
15) X periment
16) Spiritual side
17) Tasmine noose
18) My heart is beatin

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