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there has been a lot of opinions circulating regarding why this world is so sick. Our political arena is drenched in confusion, doctors and specialists pontificate as to why and how things are so bad – with a dizzying variety of solutions being offered, authors make millions in throwing their opinions into the fray…and all the while people do not seem to be getting the answers they need, they are often, in fact, not getting better. This world is undeniably sick. I don’t want to use this post to track back to the fall of man (although that would be a worthwhile thread to follow). Rather – I would like to calmly consider the three terms in the title of this post (after all – a person could spend a long time defining sick). The father of modern psychoanalysis is Sigmund Freud. Freud was a proponent of cocaine, he was hyper sexual and he was a pagan. Many schools of psychology have spun off of Freud, to the point where there are so many views and specialists a depressed person could be hard pressed to find 2 doctors that agree on a diagnosis or a treatment. Self help groups have been birthed out of psychology as a means to offer support to others with similar struggles and ailments (Alcohol Anonymous, Pornography Anonymous, etc). Morbid introspection (in this context) is any kind of topic based flaw study – and can range from being institutionalized in a so called treatment center – to taking a particular behavior and trying to determine “why”we do it (ad nauseam). Now – since this post is longer than I planned already I will try to treat this in the simplest way I can. Most or nearly all of these so called ‘help’ initiatives do not help much, or for long – and can in fact do more harm than good. I submit – that sooner we realize the essence of our problems is surprisingly often rebellion in sin, the sooner we can retrace our path to our area of contention, confess it – plead with our Lord for wisdom and insight (Psalm 139:23-24) and move ever and daily closer to a more intimate walk with God in the form of a personal relationship with Him empowered by the oh so wise prompting of the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13). Our depth in sickness is simply for the most part the fruit of our having abandoned Gods wisdom. The bible truly does proclaim the way to health and prosperity. Simple? Yes. Easy to remedy? No. One of the problems is our church has also become a brood of religious specialists without the power of God in their life, not helping the sick, not calling sin sin, and therefore not healing those who only Christ and a relationship with Him can heal. We are truly going to have a lot to answer for. I am not suggesting doctors, medicine or the opinion of man is completely useless. But I am suggesting most of our trouble comes from man getting our estimate from man, while completely ignoring Gods wisdom, and especially Gods perspective on sin.

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