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this song goes back to summer 2010…it was part of the weekly wallop series. Every now and then I recorded a rough or scat track on vocals…and left it, and this song was a case in point. Rarely did I spend more than a few “takes” on vocals…(and I hear the jokers / real singers already laughing OH REALLY in fake surprise) yes…and sometimes I just left the track with a one take vocal without even sussing out the words. Lazy? Nah – more like constrained for time and needing to go my son or daughters competitive sport of the week. Anyway, I did a one take vocal and copied some mangled background voices and called it a day. I liked the hey yo bit, and the basic flow of the melody – and so that was the songs name (it is still up as a demo if you want to go under the music section). To me it has a kind of tribal electro feel. I was going to play around with “lime and coconut” but the next thing I knew I had another song to deliver. Forward a year and some months and enter Trina B and some very fine full singing. I really like her voice, it reminds me of someone circa Phil Spector, but haven’t been able to nail it down yet. Apart from taking the song to a new level – she knocked the hey yo outro out of the park. Anyway – here for your pleasure is Hey Yo – with lyrics.

Hey Yo
ahhhh – ahhhhhh

took a little time for the both of us say
hey now maybe its a love so true
oh now I see in the cold and lonely
oh now baby I’m looking at you

ahhhhh – ahhhhhhh

oh everything we are sending on through
wait now baby what you want to do
its round and round and we be wound so true
I say I feel everything with you

ahhhh ahhhhhhh
hey yo hey yo

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