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this one actually goes back to 2008ish…and this version is IMO much better than my original. Trina nailed it as usual – and if I am honest, my original is a little embarrassing when compared to this, but you know, one of the great joys of the new media era is the possibility of releasing sketches, demos, multiple versions and whatever else strikes ones fancy / muse / or imagination. Oh has a sitar – ish solo and lyrically is a kind of contrasty song.

Praise you Lord , for this good day, I will be glad

Down here in the valley, broken glass in the back alley


I sing to you Lord, on this good day, I will rejoice

Though sins at my door, gonna collar it with my Lord



On my knees and pray, cause I need your help today, if I’m gonna make it through the day

Though I’m sweatin and I’m bleedin, I know the Lord will meet my every need




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