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I am making “sunshiny day” available as a free single when you join my mailing list! This is the first of many songs being mastered by real Nashville entity. When you join my mailing list you will get special membership goodies, including exclusive content as well as discounts and free offers. Sunshiny day is one of my more popular “proper” songs…..mostly acoustic guitar and vocals, and I have had a lot of positive feedback on it. So, sign up / subscribe right over there by the white arrow and the submit button – or click on this link SUBSCRIBE .I have included a sample of the mastered song for you. Once you enter your email, there will be a confirmation link – then you will be sent the download page to download the song in either mp3 or FLAC format. Keep smilin and enjoy!
sunshiny day sample

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Great job on this song – really nice!




Pretty good for a drummer! 🙂



for a drummer> why I oughtta….



Hey David, good job on that vocal, nice dynamics.

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New Song! hear the drum