I have been reading a lot of George Macdonald lately. He is my favorite author by far. I am really inspired by his poetry as well – even though I am closer to what he would have called a rhymester… 🙂

There has been a lot of writing activity behind the scenes…I just finished another 15 pieces of music for JP, I have been into some classic electro and heavy rhythmic stuff lately – I might post some of it here later. My latest BMI statement had a nice chunk of change coming from MTV which is cool. You know – I would highly recommend getting into licensing if you are a musician, even as a solo instrumentalist. The streaming payouts are a joke1 joke2 for the most part…but in the interest of diverse opinions I have included another good article here. I make more from a single short piece on the Logo network than entire bands with thousands of streams. Granted – it is absolutely not only about the money – but as an income “stream” it is a viable and reliable way forward… It seems to me in this current environment musicians have to diversify. Writing, recording, giving lessons, playing live, getting endorsements, exploiting online distribution possibilities etc etc all need to be added to the hustle of earning an income.
I have also been doing some online studies @ you can do a trial for free for 1 week, so have a look and see if they feature something you are interested in. I am collaborating on another tune which is looks to rock quite allright – if it goes as I hope it will be a pretty fierce tune. That’s all I got for now – catch you all later.

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