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going back into Pajamas studio this weekend with some guest musicians, I will be playing this weekend at Authentic Life Church in Hopkins…some pretty jumpin tunes I might add – cmon over and celebrate with us! I am now writing for the Examiner, and international online blogging syndicate, “an insider source for everything local”, I can be found in the Life / Religion and Spirituality / Twin Cities Evangelical Examiner… There is a salary involved….I am currently making in the 10s of cents – but figured if I had about 100,000 visitors things could be looking up… 🙂 I have asked Josh for some album cover samples by Monday – but that might be pushing it. Refresh musically is more or less decided…Refresh is a good album name isn’t it? There is something to be said about the validity of making an album any more – but I am for now planning a cd – since the songs occurred more or less together, there is a kind of “bundle” that might make one song amplify another if they are in the right order. The album will also be available for download in its entirety, as well as individually.

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