Some time ago I was considering an upcoming job interview that listed “stress bestendig” (“handles stress” in Dutch) as a key requirement. After some thinking and praying I had the revelation that stress is caused by loss of proper perspective. You could say in simple terms making mountains out of molehills the world over – but there is more. If this is a truth – it would follow that the vital perspective would be Gods (the true one). Having and maintaining Gods perspective would then be key to having a stress free lifestyle. This would make the worst stressor sin – since sin causes us to lose Gods perspective and be vulnerable to the lies and confusion of the enemy. Sin is more than fornication and getting drunk obviously – and if we look to the root word – it is a term for missing the mark (actually an archery term) among other things. Also – when we talk about sinful nature, it is not so much things we do, though important, but who we are. The satanic nature could be a life well organized and Godless. Having said that – anxiety and perplexity were experiences of the great apostle Paul – so we can also consider some of this to be normal. I can’t help but believe if I saw more things the way they really are – in light of Gods word – I would stress less, Amen?

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