new album artwork #2

I neglected to feature this news bit on my home page – so here you go…this art concept will be from the “refresh” album. I want to thank Josh for his amazing work on this cover. He is a master. This album will be available for shipment in about a week, but you can order

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fresh T’s

as previously mentioned the drummer design has been made into a T-shirt. The winning slogans are: 1) I gotcher ‘ more cowbell ‘ right here. 2) tap THIS 3) BAM BAM the standard shirt has my website ‘’ under the drummer – which everyone of you should be proud to be associated with. The store

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well, we need t-shirt ideas

there is still a little more time if you have a brilliant idea for the idrum image…did I say idrum…whose idea was that?? Well – don’t worry – we don’t have a final decision yet – though we do have some noteworthy entries! There are some very cool changes coming, one specifically tied to the

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contest announcement

i am working on a drum project that will include this logo – am considering some catchphrases like “idrum” – and “get wings – drum”…you are invited to enter a phrase in the comment section…the winner will win a t-shirt with the logo and winning phrase on it!

New Song! hear the drum