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…so I finished up several tunes and am getting ready to send my next batch of 15 off to my licensing company. I was talking to my daughter Kaylee, and asked “do you think I should do an uptempo power-groove rocker, or a very stripped down pastoral number?” she said ” do something simple, with no buzzes, beeps and zaps” … implying I am a bit over the top electro wise (hmmmmm). Wanting to give folks what they ask for I entered my studio and began working. Not much later I had a new tune that is in fact a rocker that is somewhat stripped down. It appears destiny is somewhere in the middle. I used a new microphone technique on the drums giving it a very live almost vintage sound (which will be explained later). I used a nice DSP (digital signal processor) compressor with good results, and will link to that as well. My hope is to finish it off in the next day or 2…3 possible working titles are; 1) she said 2)my lady 3) lady day.
Additionally I have a video I want to post of a home made sub kick, which is about $20.00 VS $300.00 – $700.00 list. Just sayin. 🙂

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