The Rohan Master

The Rohan Hours is a book I have had the pleasure of obtaining from my (now late) aunt Topsy. She was an ardent art enthusiast, and she gave me several art books when I helped her move to Minnesota from Boston. She gave me a wonderful gift in these books, and to share I plan scanning and posting images from one of these books titled Grandes Heures de Rohan, which is French for the Grand Hours Of Rohan. This is a book of hours painted by an anonymous artist named the Rohan Master, dated +/- 1430. I will attempt to include the images in relation to their month, starting with January.

You can click on the image to enlarge.

In this first illustration we see a bearded peasant advanced in years warming himself by a log fire.

The image next to him shows God the Father symbolized in a scene from creation.

The Rohan Master, Book of Hours January

The Rohan Master, Book of Hours January

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Thomas Langdon

Great pic, I get a kick out of stuff like this especialy when I see the year… the year 1430 …of our Lord, not ce . The time that was invested must have been an interesting time of meditation for the artist . Thanking you and Aunt Topsy for sharing. ~Grace and peace tom ~yr.2010 of Jesus Christ


Good point – I think we (or I) in American culture get so caught up in the finishing of something – we don’t enjoy the “process”….and doing something God designed us to do, would allow for some pleasure or enjoyment (meditating on Gods goodness) while we do it too…amen.

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