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Don’t shut up any avenue of your nature, let God come into every avenue, every relationship, and you will find the nightmare curse of “secular and sacred” will go.

With regard to other men’s minds, take all you can get, whether those minds are in flesh-and-blood editions or in books, but remember, the best you get from another mind is not the mind’s verdict, but its standpoint. Note the writers that provoke you to do the best mentally.

We have no business to limit God’s revelations to the bias of the human mind.

Truth is discerned by moral obedience. There are points in our thinking which remain obscure until a crisis arises in personal life where we ought to obey, immediately we obey the intellectual difficulty alters. Whenever we have to obey it is always in something immensely practical.

The first thing to go when you begin to think is your theology. If you stick too long to a theological point of view you become stagnant, without vitality.

Doubt is not always a sign that a man is wrong, it may be a sign he is thinking.

A logical position is satisfying to the intellect, but it can never be true to life. Logic is simply the method man’s intellect follows in making things definable to himself, but you can’t define what is greater than yourself.

Don’t run away with the idea that everything that runs contrary to your complacent scheme of things is of the devil.

Obedience is the basis of Christian thinking. Never be surprised if there are whole areas of thinking that are not clear, they never will be until you obey.

It takes a long time to get rid of atheism in thinking.


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Food for thought. 🙂

It may surprise you that your daughter would be reading these, but I do. I love to see what my dads thoughts are. Where are these thoughts from? I would assume Oswald Chambers?

I feel every part of that post was filled with wisdom. I want to start reading Oswald Chambers.

Although, I am not entirely sure I agree with the term atheism. Atheism is defined as disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods. I have begun to believe that atheism, in a way, is nonexistent. As human beings we are created to worship. Where we as Christians worship God, atheists do not believe in God, but they still have things they worship. They might worship money, sex, or power, therefore, those things become their god in a sense. Everything they do is for their god(sex, money or power), the more of their god they get, the more it eats them. The more they get, the more they need. But as Christians, I feel so set free in the fact that our God has been eaten alive for us already by being crucified and taking our sin, therefore we don’t get eaten alive. How great is that? I’m getting distracted… hahah SQUIRREL..

anywho, I’m not sure if i eloquently wrote my thoughts, but I am curious to hear what you think of this.



wow what a great surprise to have a visit here from my amazing daughter!
these last 2 posts (study and thinking – and the next one, working) are from a book by Oswald Chambers called Disciples Indeed

I think your point on atheism, or atheistic thinking is excellent. CS Lewis said something to this effect when he said we are made to worship, and if we don’t worship rightly we will worship lesser things… deny the body food and it will gobble poison. It might be true that our society has never been more atheist / materialist… we sure have a lot of people destroying themselves in their desperate pursuit of their gods. IMO the quote also is pointed at us as Christians (OC has a habit of not beating around the bush when addressing the flock) and the fact that we profess Christ and trust God, but still go about a lot of issues in life without acknowledging God or even necessarily expecting His power to be manifest in our present circumstances. Thank you so much for visiting and posting such a thoughtful response – you made my day! 😀

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