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someone came up to me the other day and said “I wish I could play the drums like you”. Oh I said – you grab a stick and hit a drum for starters – do you want me to show you how? “Nooooo”, they responded “I was just sayin”…and there, my friends, lies the rub. If a person who has never played an instrument really knew the almost manic requirements to play an instrument even decently – most folks eyes would glaze over. Tedium in study, practice re-learning and repetition would scare most folks away and it does. Another point that stops a lot of people from playing music is the fear “what if I am not any good”. My response is twofold. 1) Practice and get better. 2) If you play the best you can and folks critisize you – who cares what they think? FERGETABOUT’EM! If you enjoy the sound of a guitar or drum and the sensation of moving the airwaves with plucked string, resonating drumkit or blowing horn – maybe your joy will be shared by someone else…maybe you will bless another one fine day. Maybe some day you will be good enough to have people pay you for your skills. If you don’t move masses, does it really matter? As far as styles – whatever! Classical, funk, rock, jazz, electromangularfizzrap…have at it. Styles and taste buds are varying, and the main thing to consider is that you work toward sounds and styles that edify. If you choose not to, you do so at your own peril. It is absolutely astounding how many people choose to inject sounds and music into their emotional being that are tension filled, hateful and preach plain old evil. I believe a lot of this is just being deceived, but there is certainly more to it than just a casual mistake, we do after all choose what we put in our mouths / bodies everyday, and we benefit from or suffer accordingly. Same with sounds and music. Music is the single best emotional modifier I know of. Do you want to feel aggresive and energetic? Do you want to slow it down and chill? Do you want to dance? Do you want to travel deeply through the forests of the mind into an uncharted and adventurous land as a complex story unfolds in your minds eye? Do you want to worship the King of Kings and celebrate His goodness? Do you want to immerse yourself in a tale of love? Heartbreak? Get inspired? Have at it with music. Listen to it, learn to play it, sing it – and let the critics and nay sayers mumble. Understand, that like any endeavor – if you intend to have any kind of proficiency at it, it will require sacrifice. Remember too, that if you are passionate about something, very likely over time you will find others who share your passion, in a way you can enjoy together. If it is writing it, playing it or just listening to it, right now is the perfect time to get your passions moving…and what a great gift we have in the ability to emote, strengthen, resolve, warn, celebrate, unite, communicate, dazzle, humor, praise (etc etc) with music! It is reaching out to you inviting you to participate….what are you waiting for?

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