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I am a big fan of gaining inspiration from a wide variety of sources… I enjoy painting, photography, sculpture, many musical styles, movies, poetry – the list goes on.
One of my favorite reads currently would be the Letters of Van Gogh, found online here
It is really amazing to read this brilliant artists thoughts… as he struggles with lack of finances, being ignored, and an almost superhuman passion to paint / work. In one of the letters he is referring to a fellow artist that had “pecuniary difficulties” which, according to Van Gogh caused the artist to “lose his wits”… as he describes the artists situation to a fellow artist Van Gogh says;

“He is prompted to act in his crisis of nerves to make money – – – whilst painters would make pictures…..”

I wonder how many musicians are driven to make money in a crisis of nerves… instead of music?

Till next time.

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