Not long ago I was reading a blog that talks a lot about investment, money and finances. My time spent there reading the blog is based not so much on the fact I have a lot of stocks or even a lot of money. I don’t. The reason I read the blog is there is ample evidence a lot of our current events come down (unfortunately) to power and money, speaking from the worlds “top” governmentally, socially etc…in other words, if you are interested at all in what is going on in a socio-economic or political sense – you would probably do better to follow the flow of money in the world than cnn, foxnews or some party cabal. Anyway…moving on to my point. One of the quotes written under one of the postings at this site was about value…the writer said value was not a function of quantity but of quality…this is paraphrasing a bit – but his point is startling. How many people do you know that put value in amounts? How much money? How many things? And in the process ignore the quality of what is most worth noting, and that is the quality of life. We might add to his point that quality is determined to a large degree by purity. Pure wool, pure orange juice, pure gold…pure music (in this sense music that is free and clear from noise and is life like or bringing the listener into the closest proximity to the actual music statement) all with the least taint are of the highest value….and best of all – purity; life cleansed in the blood of Christ offering you and I complete forgiveness for our sins. If you can read this you have an internet connection and are likely wealthy from a worldly standpoint. You, like me, are in the top 1% globally. We have running water, electricity, a home, a fridge with food. We can walk down the street free from fear to stores filled with anything you might desire. If you pay any attention to the folks around you, you will know contentment is a rare commodity. There is actually a secret to being content regardless of ones circumstances. So where does that bring us? What do you value? Are you content? Are you pursuing what makes you feel most alive, or are you having the life sucked out of you as you pursue “things” in their tyranny? It is my prayer that you would know Christ on a personal level, and that you would seek Him first, and let the rest be added. In this process alone do we come to understand true value.

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