wednesday wallop #14 > the kiss

this song was inspired by GMs book Phantastes. It has aspects historical, for example the betrayal in the garden…but there are autobiographical elements as well, the idea revolves around the fake – the hypocrite, the so called friend that is everything but, the whore (man or woman) with feet in hell, that so called hot babe that wants to destroy your marriage, or your soul with a few hours pleasure, the Godless church leader / pastor preaching death in the form of a empty religion – with blind followers in tow, ultimately – all pawns of the enemy, simply tools for him to lead astray…red lips like worms, as they traveled across my cheek

the kiss

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Kinda creepy – has elements of Pink Floyd. Well done!




yes – lyrics…I will try to get them up, then again, isn’t the mystery good?

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