wednesday wallop #17 > black dolce

the lyrics and melody for this song were written some time ago in a much different style.. when I went to write black dolce for this weeks song I could not find the lyrics – but remembered the softly and sweetly falling part. Originally I was planning on a kind of megaphone voice doing a kind of doubting attack – but decided I liked the space on this version better. The idea for the song is based loosely on Matthew 16:23. In my experience the enemy wraps perfectly logical and deadly ideas up in attractive packages. I also think that a lot of people, even in church, will be surprised to find that they are calling themselves Christians, but are instead satanically managed, and I shudder to think any one of us can become so without a lot of obvious indications…I mean, look at Peter…he was just praised by Jesus (…blessed are you…), and he then his satanic influence is rebuked – all in the same chapter. Musically this a pretty simple string arrangement with some breathing percussion and drums. You can stream the song here

black dolce

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