wednesday wallop #18 > only one can stay

this week features a jazzy piece sans vocals. I was going to have the chorus be “only one can stay” with the plan of developing the lyric idea further in the way of serving two masters, or being double minded… as the song stood, tottered and began to walk, I decided I enjoyed it without vocals – so here you are. As I mentioned, from the standpoint of how inspiration hits, this piece is nothing like the other wallop I thought of doing this week – you could say they are diametrically unlike each other. Really, it is strange to think emotions / moods / styles can coexist without any apparent discomfort but they do, and it is anyone’s guess how the details work between transmission and reception. I should mention as I approach the 1/3 way point I am really, really enjoying this process, and I hope you are too! I would heartily recommend the forcing of deadlines to anyone in any creative field, or anyone busy with a project that is still sitting in the closet – that you know you just need to start. Is it a book? Write a chapter a week. Painting or drawing? Do a piece a week. Video? Do 52 shorts. You are bound to learn and get better at what you are doing, and you will likely find yourself much more productive than you ever imagined. As far as success goes, obviously money and recognition would be great, but it cannot be the driving factor. I believe we need to enjoy the actual process of creating (the plucking of the string, daubing of paint, imagining of words or scenarios etc) if there is to be any hope of passion and inspiration. Anyway – here is only one can stay stream only one can stay

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Absolutely agree with your insights here. We get so used to doing what’s ‘manageable’ and fail to stretch ourselves… creatively, socially, spiritually, artistically, etc.
Your work here makes me want to creat an ‘IAW’, or Image a Week.
Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for sharing the Good Word.

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