wednesday wallop #19 worlds full of wonder

OK – I tried to make this song a kind of lo-fi affair. I started with a cheesy sounding synthesizer – obviously I tweaked it wrong, as it sounds more like a guitar to me than anything – maybe its because I ran it through a guitar rig? Naaaaa. Anyway – as I did the vocals I decided to keep the 4 tracks of “comp” vocals in the song, and it seems to me that it gives an added “oomph”. Comping (for those that don’t know) is when you take several tracks of vocals – in my case 4 – then take the best bits of each to make the final. I know, I know – it isn’t pure, but I figure if the biggies can do it (I have heard of artists doing 60 tracks of comp vocals), I can do it. What this means is there are some rough patches – as I did not sing exactly the same on all 4 tracks – but I like it. What do you think? This song features some brush drum work, flute, strings, wah guitar, synthesizer an interesting dynamic between a swing and straight pulse, a kind of acapella bridge…drums kick hard on the outro (if you have good speakers – the tom fills will shake your house). It is indeed a world full of wonders – I hope in some small way I have brought a sense of wonder to your day with this song. I am finding as I grow in my walk with God surprising wonders beckon daily, often unexpected…worlds full of wonder

I am also on the lookout for some cheapo apple speakers to help me get a better perspective on my mixes, if you or anyone you know has these old Apple speakers – please contact me.speakers

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You are correct, my house did shake on those drum fills!! Of course, the whole song was blasting so maybe that did it. Surprises at every turn on this one, good job!


And very much appreciated! Be sure to encourage others to blast this song as well.


hey – what is with the naked talk – aren’t you going to alienate your Christian brethren?


It is from the bible, the book of Job. If you want to have a look here;

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