wednesday wallop #20 > be blessed

this one has been poking ye old muse for about 72 hours now…it has been a very busy week – with numerous appointments and events. This here song represents the big “20”…20 weeks of wallops…I might be hitting a stride…not sure…feeling a rhythm…you know what rhythm is? Any recurring motion, symmetry (it isn’t just limited to drums – and the wallop must qualify). We have a very simple, maybe even hummable song this week.. Last week I used a flute, and liked the sound so much it is back with gusto. not exactly crushing rock and roll – but I think it works. I checked with my label while I was brushing my teeth this morning, and they let me release it…I looked in the mirror and I sez “any objections to releasing be blessed”? It was unanimous – “go ahead ” … The song is inspired from the first Psalm and DOAOS. I hope as you listen to this you are blessed. Seriously, life is so good, with Spring bursting forth, the Lord smiling on us, and hope abounding…don’t let the enemy distract you from the one true source of blessedness…OK? Go ahead and click the arrow to stream be blessed

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Very relaxed and nice vibe. I like the harp.

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