wednesday wallop #21 > sunshiny day

by now you shouldn’t be surprised that I had another song planned. I had the tracks laid down and the basic melody in place, and then I shrugged. I asked my daughter and wife what I should write a song about… “sunshine” they both replied. So, I sat down to start over and play with that idea and lo, and behold, sunshiny day came out. Once the melody idea was in place – I decided to write about the last couple of sunshiny days we have had as a family, click on the blue button to stream the song sunshiny day

if you would like to purchase an album – go here. If this is your first time at the site, fyi, you will notice a style in this song which is quite different from the “norm”…but one of the joys of this project is that I don’t really have to worry about a label or others expectations – I just write and publish – and you are welcome to join me on this journey. If you would like to see some top picks from the fans go here. The only thing I can say for now on this whole topic of songs, good VS bad, inspired VS routine, successful VS failure is a quote from Leonard Cohen I read recently “I don’t know where good songs come from, if I did, I’d go there more often”…have a great sunshiny day!

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I really like this song – it is my favorite of all of the songs you have written so far.


Thanks so much. This seems to be a family favorite too…I heard of a relative crying when she heard it – and for me that is also a first. I am a learning a bit about songwriting as this goes. One songwriter said in an interview that “the first 100 songs are garbage” – presumably for most writers..another writer said “volume, volume, volume”as far as numbers of songs…because not all of them are going to be good. I really appreciate your comments, it is encouraging to me.

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